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Top 10 Benefits

Here are the top 10 advantages of the Greek Investment Program which any investor and all of his/her family members can benefit from by purchasing one or more properties with total value at least 250.000 Euros. These benefits are considered to be the most important motivations for a potential investment.


Permanent Residency

Greek long-term residence permit is the first benefit that an Investor and his/her family obtain. This is valid for at least 5 years and after it expires, the party concerned can renew the permit, for another 5 years each time.



According to the Law 4251/2014 amended by Law 4332/2015 investors who spent at least 250,000 euros on property in Greece in order to obtain the permanent residency will be able    to get Greek citizenship after seven years living in this country.


EU Residency

By purchasing a property in Greece and getting the long-term residence permit the investor and his/her family become residents of the European Schengen area as well. One may travel to other Schengen countries without a visa, but his/her stay cannot exceed 90 days in each 6-month period. At the same time, once the Greek citizenship is acquired, one is free to live and work in other Schengen countries as an EU citizen.


No Visa

Traveling to all 26 Schengen countries without a visa is one of the most important advantages of the Greek Investment program.


No stay necessity

The investor and his/her family still have the Greek residency rights and permanent residency either by staying in Greece or by living outside of this country.


Investment Opportunity

The economic crisis has had a significant impact on the prices of the properties. This is something that offers golden opportunities to investors from everywhere around the world, ensuring attractive profits on investments.


High quality of life

Greece is one of the most favorite holiday destinations in Europe and one of the least polluted regions in the world. The Mediterranean climate, the everyday sunny sky, the endless kilometers of coastline, the sandy beaches, the beautiful islands, the high personal safety in everyday life, the environmental quality, the friendliness and hospitality of the local people and many other factors are the reasons that make this country investors’  first option.


Health and education

An investor and the members of his/her family are offered the same benefits and services related to education, insurance and health care issues as the ones Greek citizens are entitled to.


Business establishment

The long-term Greek residence permit resulting from the purchase of a real estate property gives the owner the right to exercise any professional activity in Greece.


250.000 Euros

Only 250K Euros to buy your own real estate property makes this program one of the most affordable and economic investment programs in Europe.


It is not too late to secure your choice and the future of your family by purchasing a real estate property in Greece, which is regarded as a world class destination in the European Union.

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