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Join our team!

We always seek cooperation with successful professionals in order to enrich our network around the world. Let’s get the best results together by providing beneficial advice to our clients about investment procedures and explaining the merits of our program in Greece.


Sales consultant

  • Companies that would like to expand their activities concerning building constructions in Greece in order to provide an alternative solution to their clients

  • Immigration agencies that would like to offer their clients the golden opportunity of investing in a real estate property in Greece and acquiring the permanent residence permit

  • Talented individuals who as professionals have the ability to build relationships and gain client confidence or individuals who believe there are potential investors in their country that would like to purchase a real estate property in Greece

  • Real estate agencies around the world with clients waiting for an opportunity to invest in Greece


Property owners

  • Individual owners that intend to sell their properties through us in order to achieve their goal faster

  • Real estate agencies in Greece whose properties would enrich our target group options

  • Buildings manufacturers in Greece that intend to sell their constructions


We always approach new cooperation proposals positively, so if you agree that we can guarantee better solutions to the interested clients when working together, we would welcome hearing from you.


Contact us and share with us your professional details and the reasons for which you feel we can cooperate. We will get in touch with you as soon as possible to inform you with the relevant partnership policy.

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