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A group of experts, lawyers and engineers from Greece and Iran come together to establish a team as well as a powerful network that intends to offer the most suitable opportunity for investments in Greece to the clients undertaking all the procedures to acquire the Greek Permanent Residency permit through buying a real estate property in Greece.

Our Goal is to build trusted client relationships by being on our clients’ side and guiding them along the routes and processes that need to be followed in order to achieve the best results. We do not settle for anything less than excellence in our clients’ services. Our long - term experience and our desire for this profession give us the ability to share the incredible experience of living in Greece and the freedom of traveling around Europe without a Visa, with anyone who wishes to live under the shield of a democracy in a safe country.


Our Mission is to “build” a safe bridge that connects the beautiful land of Greece with any potential investors or interested individuals, in order to give them the opportunity to get the Greek Permanent Residency permit and become residents of the EU.


Our Vision is to grow our business by building a relationship with our clients based on responsibility and trustiness, providing values like Reliability, Integrity, Effectiveness, Honesty, superior Quality of services and Pride to them and guaranteeing the positive results. We envision both our clients’ and our staff’s satisfaction. Our task is to fully support our investors in their effort to find the property that meets their requirements and thus leads to the acquisition of the Greek Permanent Residency permit, followed by Citizenship. 

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